≪Feature≫The Contrast of Green and White - Enjoying the Drift Ice!

March 23,2019OA

Join us this week as we check out activities revolving around drift ice in Monbetsu! We first visit a tower where we can learn about the sea creatures that live in the waters nearby. There is also a special theater inside, as well as drift ice cider to quench your thirst with. We then go for a cruise on an icebreaker ship and enjoy the beautiful white scenery of drift ice out on the water. Lastly, we check out a cafe and restaurant that serves delicious food. Come and enjoy the drift ice with us in beautiful and wonderful Monbetsu!



Hyōkai Tenbō-tō Ohōtsuku Tawā (Ice-water Observation Tower Okhotsk Tower)

Address: 1 Kaiyōkōen, Monbetsu-shi, Hokkaidō 094-0031
Phone: 0158-24-8000
Open Hours:
10am to 5pm (New Year's Open Hours 6:30am to 10am)
Closed: December 29th to 31th, January 2nd to 3rd
■Admission Fee:
Adult - 800yen
7 to 12 years old - 400yen
6 years and under - Free
Popular Items (Incl. Tax):
Okhotsk Theater (1 Time) - 300yen (from 3 years and up)
Drift Ice Salt Cider - 250yen


Ryūhyō Saihyō-sen Garinko-gō Ⅱ (Drift Ice Icebreaker Garinkogo Ⅱ)

Address: 1 Kaiyōkōen, Monbetsu-shi, Hokkaidō 094-0031
Phone: 0158-24-8000
Operating Period: mid-January to late March
■ Boarding Fee (Winter) (Incl. Tax):
Adult - 3,000yen
7 to 12 years old - 1,500yen
6 years and under - Free
※If there is no drift ice discount
*Departure time varies depending on the season. Please check with the website for details


Hoteru Ohōtsuku Paresu (Kafe & Resutoran Marīna) Hotel Okhotsk Palace (Cafe & Restaurant Marina)

Address: 5 Chome Saiwaicho, Monbetsu, Hokkaido 094-0005
Phone: 0158-26-3600
Open Hours:
11am to 9:30pm (Last Order 9pm)
※ From 2pm to 5pm only dessert and drinks are provided
Closed: Open All Year Round

Popular Products (Incl. Tax):
Okhotsk Monbetsu White Curry - 1,080yen
Scallop Croquette Burger - 380yen
Okhotsk Hamanasu Beef Burger - 420yen