Li Qiang - 李強

Li Qiang is from Shanghai, China.
After graduating from Shanghai Normal University in the Department of Physical Education, he worked as a teacher at a local middle school.
In Shanghai, he met a lovely woman from Wakkanai Hokkaido, and got married.
Since then, he has been living in Hokkaido.
He first came to Japan in 1998.
He attended Japanese school, and in 2001 participated and won grand prize of the "Foreign Japanese Language Speech Contest".
Afterward, he taught Chinese and Chinese Tea at various Sapporo City district centers.
From 2003 to 2008, he served as a full-time lecturer of Chinese Culture Theory in Otaru Junior College.
Since 2009, as a Chinese translator for Hokkaido Television (HTB), he took part in work related to conveying the great aspects of Hokkaido through the media, to China.
Since 2012, he was chosen as the MC for HTB's TV show "Love Hokkaido".

Message Living in Hokkaido is like living in a dream, a paradise.
The colorful four seasons, the friendly people; the more I live here, the more I love it!
As the world turns into white and the people fight against the cold winter season, I am fascinated that even then the Hokkaido people enjoy themselves, and after overcoming such a harsh winter, it's amazing how the spring, summer and autumn are so much easier to spend your days in happiness.
I have my heart set on going out and telling the world, all about Hokkaido's world.

Alena - アリョーナ

Alena was born in Korsakov Sakhalin, Russia.
When she was very young, her father brought back some souvenirs from Japan that moved her very much, and she took a great interest in Japan.
In 2007, she entered the Sakhalin State University and started to study about Japan.
During her studies, she took two short-term study trips to Japan, and could experience the country first-hand. She felt especially intrigued by the kindness and passion for service of the Japanese people, the culture, nature, and weather of the country, and was determined to come back.
In 2012, Alena graduated from Sakhalin University. She studied as a research student at Hokkaido University in International Public Relations, Media Communication Faculty. With an invitation from a friend, she also made her first appearances in Hokkaido media. Alena also was invited to join the original Love Hokkaido as a reporter.
In 2014, Alena enrolled in the Performing Arts Faculty of Sapporo Visual Arts College. By performing in live action plays, she could learn the Japanese entertainment industry, as well as daily cultural exchange through translating for and participating in lectures of the field.
From October 2015, Alena was invited to star in her own corner of the HTB show ICHIOSHI, “Capture Girl Alena, Rediscovering Hokkaido”.
In March 2016, Alena graduated Sapporo Visual Arts, and started “Alena’s Russian Conversation School”.
Alena joined the HTB show “Love Hokkaido” as the main host from April 2016.

Affiliation: Jive Production http://www.jivepromotion.com/

Message It’s been a few years since I came to Hokkaido, but I still feel like it’s only been one.
To me, Hokkaido really feels like a treasure island, rich in nature.
The people are kind, the food is delicious, no matter where you go you are surrounded by great nature; Hokkaido is an oasis.
I want the people of Japan to be proud of this amazing island that I love so much, and through this show, I hope to share the charms and great aspects of Hokkaido to the world.

Ohno Megumi - 大野恵

Megumi was born in Narita, Chiba Prefecture, and is currently in her 8th year living in Hokkaido (2014).
Her father was part of his local high school broadcasting club, and being inspired, Megumi aimed to be an announcer since childhood.
In the spring of 2007, she joined Hokkaido Television.
The reason she has long admired Hokkaido is because when she was a student, she read many novels by the Hokkaido author Ayako Miura.
Working as reporter and announcer for several years, she spends her days traveling to local Hokkaido areas to cover stories, reports, and make videos.
Currently, other than being MC for "Love Hokkaido", she is news caster for the morning weekday broadcast of "ICHIMONI!"; she is involved in many HTB programs.
Her hobbies are "RAKUGO" (traditional Japanese comic storytelling), Kabuki, theater, travel, and singing solo at karaoke.

Message Hello everyone!
Half the year Hokkaido is covered with white snow.
That is why the arrival of spring, seeing the trees sprout, is a great joy.
Through these four seasons, please come and enjoy, feel the power of the northern country!
Also, for everyone who lives in Hokkaido, we will introduce a lot of Hokkaido you may not know already, so on a weekend morning, I hope you can wake up just a bit earlier to spend the time with us (Love Hokkaido is broadcast Sunday mornings on HTB in Hokkaido)!

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